Moving Home


Moving home is one of the most stressful events we experience in life, so you may be surprised to know that in 2015 there were over 3,000 residential property transactions a day. This means a total of 1.2 million moves in a single year. Considering moving home can be such an upheaval, why do so many people do it?
Here are some of the top reasons:

Needing more space

Most people buy a home before they’ve had children. A one bedroom flat is very romantic for a couple, but once a baby arrives, then another, and the babies grow, it can become a very cramped space!

No longer wanting to rent

Giving your hard-earned cash to a landlord can seem like throwing away money. Becoming a first-time-buyer by investing your money in a place of your own has its own special feeling.


The property ladder is named that for a reason - when you climb up it, you get a bigger or more desirable property! People whose property value increases often move elsewhere to a bigger or more luxurious home for the same price.

Fixing a buying mistake

Some people find that once they’ve moved into a home and have lived there a while, there are certain things they don’t like. It could be the home’s under a flight path, certain house features become unattractive, the neighbours are annoying, or the owners long for a big garden instead of a backyard.

New job, new location

If your company moves to another location, or you get a new job in a far-away place, upping sticks to be closer to work makes sense - especially with the overcrowded British commuter trains.


When two single homeowners decide to live together, either one home gets sold, or both, and a new home is bought. When relationships break down, sometimes for different reasons the home gets sold and the couple move on elsewhere.

Catchment area for schools

Many parents are more than willing to move home so they’re near to a good school for their children. In some cases, parents think it’s essential to move area for their children’s future.

The kids have left home

A couple or single person in an ‘empty nest’ can downsize and put the extra money in their retirement fund. They may wish to move to a coastal or rural location too, where school locations no longer matter and the view is so much nicer.

To be closer to family

Another reason parents, and also siblings, often move is to be closer to other members of the family.

Health problems

It’s very common for people with mobility issues or other health problems to move. They may need a home without stairs, or a place close to a hospital. Elderly parents who need extra care from their children are also a reason for people moving home.

Change of scenery

Sometimes people just want to experience living in a new location. They might go into a city for a busier social life, or they may wish for the quiet life in the countryside. People who make such big lifestyle changes sometimes change their mind and move back to their old location!